Featured Image with Fujifilm X Passion Magazine

Today, I am surprised to see one of the images I captured of Mt. Agassiz is featured in Fuji X Passion Magazine (#2 Issue: August 2016; Reader's Gallery, pg. 99). This is the first credit I've received from a worldwide publication since moving to Fujifilm's platform, and I feel very honored to be selected.

The scene was captured late afternoon in April, this year. I believe I was on a typical errand run, probably to the grocery store or something of the kind. One of the great things about living in Flagstaff is the incredible views and dramatic skies. It was late afternoon and I had little time to setup, compose, and shoot. I remember the winds being heavy, so I propped my Fujifilm X100s on a tripod and used both front and rear doors of my car to block the wind. After a few frames, and almost on cue, the skies opened directly over Mt. Agassiz. I couldn't have asked for a better scenerio. The weather provided beautiful highlights from above. I calculated the hyperfocal settings and a long exposure hoping the wind wouldn't give me much movement. Minor tweaking in Photoshop due to Fujifilm's capture capabilities; color capture and details with the Fujifilm X100s are exceptional for out-of-camera use. The final result is what you see here

Thank you, Fuji X Passion Magazine, for featuring my image in the #2 Issue. I am grateful for the feature!