A Street Artist in Sedona

Street Artist in Sedona

This week , I am posting images from several low level hikes in the Northern Arizona area. The occasion was my mother-in-law's visit. One of the places on the list to visit was Sedona. The weather was perfect and the kids were excited to get out of the house for a while. I will get to the specifics of our trip and post the scenic images a bit later. For now, I thought I'd highlight a particular shot made while walking the downtown shops along Sedona's main drag.

It's one thing to compete on the business front with the multitude of shop owners along Sedona's tourist row, but it's a whole different game to take up your lot among the hundreds of artists in a sidewalk solo effort! Yet, this man did so with silent grace and style.

His music was a smooth throw back to the 1970's. No vocals, just instrumental notes played with deep emotion and a practiced hand. The artist was professionally dressed and quiet spoken when I asked him for a portrait. I couldn't help but sense a depth of wisdom and experience that must lay hidden behind those soulful eyes of many years. This was a musician I could have photographed for hours. Unfortunately, in my hurry to catch up with my family, I did not get this gentleman's name. He was set up alongside the Sedona Western Trading Post on Highway 89A. If anyone happens to know this local musician, maybe you could leave me a note via my Contact page or drop me a post on Facebook. I would like to get in touch with him and offer a finished print for my thanks!